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How to bring your electric bill down?

Have you ever wondered why your electric bills do not show any signs of coming down in spite of the fact that use you appliances less? Well the electric bill may not be coming down because though you are using bigger appliances less, it is normal lights that you use regularly which are using more electricity. Thus what you can do to bring your electric bill down is that you can install energy efficient lamp ( โคมไฟ , which is the term in Thai) at your home. There are now LED bulbs available in the market of Thailand which are much more electricity efficient yet are no much less capable of providing high intensity light than your normal lamps.

Get best light bulbs in Thailand

Light bulb ( หลอด ไฟ , which is the term in Thai) from the house of Thinklite is much more efficient than your ordinary quality bulbs. Not only in terms of electrically efficient the new LED bulbs are also efficient in terms of their life span. The new LED bulb from Thinklite has A1 circuit chip developed by Thinklite in partnership with German companies and the research and development department of Samsung. This new chip set makes the current pass through the circuit in a straight line making it higher tolerant towards overheating problems. The new LED bulbs also have higher lifespan than usual. The lights are more durable than their predecessors as well. The LED bulbs from Thinklite provide with best quality intense light in the current Thailand market as well.

Know more about the research and development in led technology

So if you are in Thailand and want to get the best quality LED bulbs then make sure you get it from Thinklite. Because not only Thinklite has developed efficient and advancements towards the led technology but it is also providing a five-year warranty for all their products. To know more about their products and also to know more about their research and development in the field of LED products and lights make sure you visit the official website of Thinklite.

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