Have the Perfect Pendant Penchant for Your Cherry-Kitchen Cabinets

Most of us are well-aware of cherry kitchen cabinets and the unique appearance that they carry. Many of us have also opted for them in our kitchen space. However, sometimes cherry kitchen cabinets do not seem enough. Sometimes, we want more; more of style, more of design, and more of décor. Well, lights can be one thing that adds more of all of these, don’t you think? They certainly can, and in this blog, we will, indeed, talk about how pendant lights can help you uplift your cherry kitchen cabinets.

A cherry-style wholesale kitchen cabinet design is a testimony to the ability of cabinetry being adaptable to any kind of look, be it vintage, modern or transitional. And based on the kind of pendant lights you choose, it will help you stress on the look you desire in a better fashion. Pendant lighting is a great region-specific lighting option (be it overhead, island, dine-in area or other suitable positions) and can uphold your cherry-style wholesale cabinetdesign a great deal.

Here are 6 kinds of pendant lighting styles you can opt for your cherry wood kitchen cabinets:

  1. Globes and half-globes: For those of you who have a more linear or streamlined cherry wood cabinets and cherry kitchen décor, globe and half-globe pendants can provide the perfect balance in the look with their curved nature. A streamlined look that is more modern, gets perfectly complemented by the round vintage look of the globe pendants to give you a perfect transitional kitchen décor “draped in cherries”.

  1. Clear Glass: This style is for a minimalist. No design, no compromise, just pure light all around. Clear glass allows you to uphold your cherry-style wholesale kitchen cabinet design better by lighting them up to the fullest. However, the thing to keep in mind here is that since the pendants are of clear glass, the light coming out will not be diffused a bit. So, choose the bulbs accordingly and go for softer shades.

  1. Metal (Shiny or Dull): As mentioned in point 1, cherry-style wholesale cabinet design is also opted by many who want to give their kitchen a dominant transitional décor. Now, while the cherry-colored wood is the perfect representation of the old times, opting for metal pendants provides the modernism of metal. And based on your choice, you can go for either shiny ones or dull ones.

  1. Matte Black: Each and every single thing matte black is trending now. So, it is only natural that if you want to add trend to your kitchen space and your exquisite set of cherry-style wholesale kitchen cabinet design, opting for matte black pendants is perhaps one of the best ways to do it. Nothing more to add here, go matte, go trendy. However, yellow lights will do good to uphold the cherry color.

  1. Bell-Jar: If you are wondering what bell-jar pendants are, imagine those huge lights hanging in the large gothic 18th-century castles you have read about in novels. These are very much like those. However, today they are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Their structure basically involved a bell-shaped jar that is either upright or upside-down with light bulb(s) inside them. If you are looking to give your cherry-style wholesale kitchen cabinetsa touch pertaining to castles, these will do you justice.

  1. Industrial: Quite like bell-jar but not much, industrial pendants carry a very symbolic look that resembles the industrialization of things. Metal finishes with pipe-like structures is a good way to put them in words. This pendant style has a timeless appeal and works perfectly to complement your cherry wood cabinets.

Pendant lights have turned into a very trendy fixture and are turning into a common fixture in kitchen décor. Furthermore, if you have a cherry-colored wholesale kitchen cabinet design, opting for pendant lights will surely give your kitchen the best complement it deserves.

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