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4 Ideas To Save Space In A Living Room

The living room is the place where we like to meet and share time altogether. These few tips will allow you to save precious square meters in your stay, without planning major work.

Choosing The Right Sofa

The sofa is as much a practical and comfortable accessory as a decorative element in its own right. Even if the vast corner sofas catch your eye, choose the standard models, which find their place much more comfortable in a room of classic dimensions. To play with perspectives, choose a sofa with a high base that lets you see the floor and take advantage of the light by arranging the backrest in the darkest part of the room, to create a harmonious visual effect. Preferably opt for a sober and trendy color, like gray or beige, which you will enhance with a few patterned cushions.

Opt For Smart Furniture

A console that turns into a dining table for 6 people, a library with an additional panel that makes an excellent extra desk, a wooden vintage chairs (เก้าอี้ ไม้ วิน เท จ which is the term in Thai) that conceals an ample storage space. Each season, designers imagine clever furniture that combines several functions. It is a very good option to save space in a living room without complicating life. Choose quality furniture, made of robust materials, to avoid premature wear of hinges and small construction parts.

Integrate A Tv In A Small Living Room

It is never easy to integrate television in a living room. The screen must be visible from the sofa, or even from the dining room while remaining discreet enough to respect your interior decor. The ideal is to think about its placement before arranging the room to arrange the other elements according to the sofa-TV duo. There are very practical corner models to maximize the available space.

Stick To A Style

Scandinavian, contemporary, industrial, classic chic or rustic, all styles of decoration are possible in the living room. As long as you limit yourself to a single inspiration, to avoid the “clutter effect” that clutters the room. The Nordic design is perfect for small spaces because its soft and pastel colors help visibly enlarge the place. We can also opt for modern furniture with pure lines that reduce the space lost while giving personality to the decoration.

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